Rolling Stock Maintenance.

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Rolling Stock Maintenance.

Post by ChiefPenguin » Sun Jul 18, 2021 11:35 am

When sorting rolling stock to prepare for BelmontBahn I found a couple of sets that simply "played up", mostly derailing.

Some stock was fine & after changing the couplings for the earlier Roco ones (similar to the Hornby ones which are a tad longer) & fitting control magnets was logged & put away for later use.

Turning to the sets that "played up" I carried out the following ;

Checked the "back to backs" using the DCCConcepts DCG-BB145 gauge* (see image) - a well engineered bit of kit that looks like a small brass hammer.
Quite a number of wheelsets needed adjustment.

Next, the close coupling mechanisms - some of them were a little tight &/or uneven in working - a spot of silicone spray to sort that.

& finally, a tiny drop of oil of the bearings **.

Sorted, apart from the odd coach/wagon would not co-operate with its neighbour & repositioning in the rake cured that.

Just goes to show the difference a little time can make.

* Available to order from
** Particularly important with Lilliput Stock as the material used for the bearing is quite soft - this advice was given to me by Bachmann & may well apply to Bachmanm stock.
DCG-BB145.png (1.03 MiB) Viewed 40113 times
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