Welcome to “NottheModelRailForum”, known hereafter as NTMRF. You may know us from being very active in another forum some years ago. All we will say here is that after one of us cleared out the trolls & disruptive influences at the specific request of the owners said person was told their services were no longer required.
We are not interested in poaching members from other forums – people are welcome to come to NTMRF as well as elsewhere to contribute & enjoy our wonderful hobby. The past is now the past. However, any behaviour that we regard as disruptive will not be tolerated. We really hope that we can “moderate in the background” – this, is up to the members (if we get any).
Enjoyment of model railways is diverse. We do not care if you just want to “play trains” on a table with setrack or produce a perfect scale replica of an actual railway location. Neither do we care if your model will fit in a briefcase or you are attempting to build something that will rival “Miniatur Wunderland”.
Advice, tips & tricks are most welcome, but we need to bear in mind that there is often more than one way to achieve a good result. Remember, many of us started out with a “train set”. We need to encourage people or the hobby will fade away & die.
The forum running costs will be initially met by therefore, apart from being subscription free (hopefully for the life of the forum) there will be some promotional activity going on, including extra discounts for members.

Please be sure to read & understand the Rules & Guidelines.

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